When you sign up with TTFB of Texas, you will have access to one of the best Factoring Companies in the industry, CBRT Capital.

CBRT Capital Corporation was founded in 2021 with the purpose of providing working capital solutions for Hotshot and Power only Motor Carrier Companies, in the transportation industry.

We are a newly formed company specializing in the funding solutions for the trucking industry through capital freight factoring. CBRT Capital Funding is an invoice factoring company that serves small and mid- sized trucking companies throughout the United States. We provide a flexible, entrepreneur approach to the working capital needs for our clients. 

CBRT Capital Funding provides account receivable factoring services through our online payment system. Most invoice payments are advanced within 48 hours or sooner.

Both CBRT Capital and TTFB of Texas offices are headquartered in Dallas, Texas with operations in St Louis Missouri, Ringgold Georgia, Houston Texas, Austin Texas, and Biloxi Mississippi. CBRT Capital and TTFB of Texas staff is its most valuable asset with several years of combined experience in Industry.


Work with one of the premier freight factoring company for your trucking business. Start strong and grow stronger with CBRT CAPITAL by utilizing our exclusive trucking and freight factoring support and services.

  1. • Get access to professional dispatchers through our cooperation with TTFB of Texas Dispatch to find the top paying loads. Both CBRT Capital and TTFB of Texas have an extensive list of pre-approved shippers and brokers who we work with.
  2. • You will get access to the CBRT Carrier Fuel Card Program with advances and discounts to save you money throughout the year.
  3. • Every client works with their own personal client representative who has an intimate knowledge of your business. You may contact your representative directly.
  4. • CBRT Capital and TTFB of Texas can perform all credit checks for brokers to help you prevent you from working with businesses you cannot trust or companies that will not pay.
  5. • Enhanced and reliable cash flow for your transportation company, both large and small.
ABOUT OUR COMPANY: Since 2001 members of TTFB have worked in all aspects of the Transportation and Supply Chain Logistics Management industry. TTFB of Texas’ office is headquartered in Dallas, TX and is recognized as one of the leading third-party Hot Shot Trucking Dispatching and Business Consulting Companies. Here at TTFB of Texas, we have several direct freight broker relationships with some of the top freight broker companies which allows us to see multiple load opportunities before others.
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